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2012 -Officer Down role: Det. Les Scanlon
2008 -50 Ways to Leave Your TV Lover role: Angel
2008 -Justice League: The New Frontier role: Hal Jordan
2008 -Our Lady of Victory role: Ed Rush
2007 -Duch spisovatele (Suffering Man's Charity) role: Sebastian St. Germain
2006 -Mr. Fix It role: Lance Valenteen
2005 -Sběratelé kostí (TV seriál) (Bones) role: Agent Seeley Booth
2005 -Vrána 4: Pekelný kněz (The Crow: Wicked Prayer) role: Luc Crash
2005 -The Hard Easy role: Roger Hargitay
2005 -Ach ty holky! (These Girls) role: Keith Clark
2004 -Malice in Wonderland: Wolfram & Hart role: Angel
2004 -Not Fade Away
2004 -Origin
2004 -Power Play
2004 -Smile Time role: Angel
2004 -The Girl in Question
2004 -Time Bomb
2003 -Chosen
2003 -End of Days
2002 -Buffy the Vampire Slayer role: Angel
2002 -Chodím s Lucy (I'm with Lucy) role: Luke
2002 -Kingdom Hearts role: Squall Leonhart
2001 -Happy Anniversary role: Angel
2001 -Valentine role: Adam Carr
2000 -Baby Blues role: Johnny
2000 -Fool for Love
2000 - The Yoko Factor
1999 -Angel role: Angel
1999 -Consequences role: Angel
1999 -Hero role: Angel
1999 -In the Dark role: Angel
1998 -Becoming: Part 2 role: Angelus
1997 -Buffy přemožitelka upírů (TV) (Buffy the Vampire Slayer) role: Angel / ...
1996 -Macabre Pair of Shorts role: Vampire's victim
1993 -Aspen Extreme role: Extra
1993 -Best of the Best 2 role: Extra
1987 -Ženatý se závazky (Married with Children) role: Frank

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